Geoengineering: Illinois Tornado Swarm 11-17-13


It isn’t ever a surprise what I’m going to find when I examine these events.

1) Heavy chemtrailing to interject frequency controllable Nano-CHem components before and during the storm.

2) Wide ranging Nexrad pulsed frequency rotation.

3) Generation of a rolling heterodyne wave traveling at a 90 degree angle in relation to storm direction.

4) Massive superheated Water Vapor generation throughout the process to fuel the storm system.

So, with these fundamentals in mind, let’s examine how this tornado swarm was manufactured.

At 1000am, there is nothing at all on radar above the entire state of Illinois indicating development of the wave of storms that will exist in this area moments later.

Suddenly a stream of coordinated simultaneous superheated bursts appear in a line, that spawns the entire tornado swarm.

Finally let’s look at what these repetitive processes physically look like in Rapid scan mode.

The property damage from this latest “worst storm in a century” (a phrase that has lost all meaning) is estimated at 1 billion dollars.

However there is obviously no way to calculate the damage done to people’s lives who have had everything they have ever known blown away.

Want to really help the people of Illinois, Oklahoma, Philippines, Colorado, Texas, South Dakota, New Jersey, Calgary, India, or whoever else is next in line for a man-made superstorm?

You can donate to the same “relief organizations” that descend like clockwork after these manufactured disasters (yet who seem to know nothing about the obvious origins of these events), or you can help me educate the people of this planet about what is actually happening to them and why.

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Weatherwar101: Response to Haiyan “Weather Modification 101”


Ok, I’ve heard more than enough of this misdirection.

Global geoengineering is an enormous, all-encompassing, and complex endeavor that fundamentally consists of massive amounts of water vapor generation, incessant global chemtrailing to add controllable Nano components, and a global network of generated frequency to manipulate these Nano Chem Cloud Systems.

To say that one microwave pulse from some obscure military base a thousand miles away created the massive storm system Haiyan, is to demonstrate a complete lack of understanding of how the Global geoengineering system works, and is so easy to dismiss – This NOAH scientist accomplishes it in the first sentence.

“Before he could relate the microwave to the cyclone or the Typhoon that hit the Philippines, he must first demonstrate that the microwave was the one who formed it.” Dr. Mahar Lagmay (NOAH)

There is no arguing with that simple statement.

You know what you can determine about the formation of Haiyan from this?

Absolutely nothing.

It’s like looking at the event from Mars through a dirty lens. This perspective and level of detail is entirely useless.

However, before looking some actually useful data, let’s examine a higher resolution rendering of this composite, and examine the fundamental claims made from it.

This composite anomaly appears to be the ‘absence’ of part of a layer.

Several layers have missing sections because of the satellite paths, like this ‘Corrected reflectance’ example from the same day.

This missing section of a layer is not a geoengineering signature, and does not indicate a “microwave pulse” of any kind coming from the North.

Nevertheless, the missing section reveals an actual geoengineering signature beneath it.

However, In order to actually see and understand how these storms are constructed, we have to get much closer at much higher resolution, for a much longer period of time.

It took 3 days to download and compile these images.

Let’s look at the entire week of storm creation (Nov 2nd to Nov 10th) which culminated in Haiyan.

As I illustrated in the first Geoengineering Haiyan video, the process of storm creation is always the same (land or sea). The sudden bursts of water vapor conveniently appear exactly where they need to, in order to feed and grow the storm.

Let’s take a closer look at water vapor generation in this typhoon factory.

Note the simultaneous plumes of water vapor billowing up – not from the Pacific Ocean – but from the island land masses.

This kind of massive water vapor generation would be glaringly evident from sea level, wouldn’t it?

Yes… it would.

As always, these perfectly timed sequential bursts are also plainly evident throughout the entire development of Haiyan.

Even while Haiyan was still spinning, the next storm system was already under construction, on exactly the same path, in exactly the same manner.

Now, back to the issue of rotation.

Here is the MODIS animation shown in the video of Nov 29th.

Note the missing layer section anomaly is almost identical.

However this time the phased array radar signature that is revealed beneath shows two sources.

In previous Vortex Creation videos, I have repeatedly shown Nexrad rotating Pulsed Frequency creating spinning weather systems from Nano Chem clouds as they cross the country.

I’ve seen this identical signature multiple times in the Ocean – even on MSM sanitized weather radar.

The sea-based much bigger brother of Nexrad is the SBX-1 (X-Band) Phased Array Radar Platform.

And finally, although I haven’t had time to look, there isn’t any doubt that the majority of these islands have their own Doppler / Phased Radar installations as well… just like the rest of the world does.

So… let that be the end of the runaway “Microwave Pulse” misinformation, and let there be no more confusion with my “101” educational series of videos.

As hard as it is to get people to understand how geoengineering actually works and the magnitude of the issue, the last thing we need is more easily disproven misdirection suddenly “going viral,” and discrediting, devaluing, and drawing attention away from the much larger reality.

“Look it’s great that people learn about all these gov’t documents and experiments and all that coming to light. But to use that to make a weak connection to a historic typhoon, without actually understanding what’s happening, and then having that go viral? That’s not good for the cause at all!”- 1SeekerofTruth1

I’ll conclude with my response to a comment a few weeks ago.

I don’t spend any time speaking about other groups because I don’t find it useful, but what I’m talking about and explaining in detail is daily observable reality. So, why do you suppose I’m the only one talking about it? Surely, the groups you mention (in addition to others) have seen all of this work, yet none of them propagate or promote any of it. I would think that should speak volumes all by itself, and lead one to question their intentions. Meanwhile, I’ll continue to speak reality.

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Geoengineering: Typhoon Haiyan 11-08-13


It can’t come as a surprise to anyone that Super Typhoon Haiyan is as geoengineered – as all the rest of the storms we see on this planet.

Since the actual precipitation cycle is long since broken, manufactured storms are all we get.

getting them to spin up is no small matter either.

The process of storm creation is essentially the same over the Ocean as it is over land, and this is easy to observe.

Any day of the week we can see the same vortex creation process attempted in North America – at least once.

The process is always the same. The sudden superheated bursts conveniently appear exactly where they need to, in order to feed and grow the storm.

It wouldn’t happen like that once in nature, yet it’s observable in every single storm system.

These bursts are equally observable in the creation of Super Typhoon Haiyan.

First batch of non-uniformed water vapor bursts and first sign of lopsided Frequency forced rotation.

Next batch shows at least four distinct groups of bursts before they spin together.

Numerous bursts are evident throughout the development of the storm system.

After five days of this construction, Haiyan finally looks like an actual Typhoon.

The fact that these bursts erupt from both the land and sea is easy to observe on the visible layer as well.

Now you know how these Frankenstorms materialize.

Once again, no mystery at all.


Geoengineering: Dollars and Sense

A long time ago I came to a disturbing and overwhelming conclusion. For decades I had researched the myriad lies that constitute the greed and ignorance driven false reality we live in, and the horrors man perpetrates against his fellow man and all of creation, and was no novice to the truth. Not even I was remotely prepared for this.

Coming to the realization that the glorious planet we all live on is dying, rendered all of my other pursuits meaningless. From that moment on, there was only the singular mission.

Since then, I have come to learn in exacting detail – precisely why and how this happened. Since then, I have come to learn in exacting detail – precisely how man has tried to cover it up. Since then, I have committed my existence to awakening and educating the population of this planet on this one reality – which each and every individual needs to know above all other things.

Several years and over sixty detailed videos later, my commitment this cause cannot be questioned. Sixty videos freely available to anyone in the world, to educate themselves about the truth of our dying planet, the truth of 100 years of cover up, and the truth of daily geoengineered disasters that deliberately devastate entire communities all across the globe.

Join me on the right side of planetary history.