Geoengineering: Typhoon Haiyan 11-08-13


It can’t come as a surprise to anyone that Super Typhoon Haiyan is as geoengineered – as all the rest of the storms we see on this planet.

Since the actual precipitation cycle is long since broken, manufactured storms are all we get.

getting them to spin up is no small matter either.

The process of storm creation is essentially the same over the Ocean as it is over land, and this is easy to observe.

Any day of the week we can see the same vortex creation process attempted in North America – at least once.

The process is always the same. The sudden superheated bursts conveniently appear exactly where they need to, in order to feed and grow the storm.

It wouldn’t happen like that once in nature, yet it’s observable in every single storm system.

These bursts are equally observable in the creation of Super Typhoon Haiyan.

First batch of non-uniformed water vapor bursts and first sign of lopsided Frequency forced rotation.

Next batch shows at least four distinct groups of bursts before they spin together.

Numerous bursts are evident throughout the development of the storm system.

After five days of this construction, Haiyan finally looks like an actual Typhoon.

The fact that these bursts erupt from both the land and sea is easy to observe on the visible layer as well.

Now you know how these Frankenstorms materialize.

Once again, no mystery at all.



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