Geoengineering: Dollars and Sense

A long time ago I came to a disturbing and overwhelming conclusion. For decades I had researched the myriad lies that constitute the greed and ignorance driven false reality we live in, and the horrors man perpetrates against his fellow man and all of creation, and was no novice to the truth. Not even I was remotely prepared for this.

Coming to the realization that the glorious planet we all live on is dying, rendered all of my other pursuits meaningless. From that moment on, there was only the singular mission.

Since then, I have come to learn in exacting detail – precisely why and how this happened. Since then, I have come to learn in exacting detail – precisely how man has tried to cover it up. Since then, I have committed my existence to awakening and educating the population of this planet on this one reality – which each and every individual needs to know above all other things.

Several years and over sixty detailed videos later, my commitment this cause cannot be questioned. Sixty videos freely available to anyone in the world, to educate themselves about the truth of our dying planet, the truth of 100 years of cover up, and the truth of daily geoengineered disasters that deliberately devastate entire communities all across the globe.

Join me on the right side of planetary history.